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Body Boost Oolong - "I Am Energised"

Body Boost Oolong - "I Am Energised"

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The Body Boost Oolong Blend tea is the perfect feel good tea that is great for cleansing the body. It has a beautiful golden amber colour when infused and a fruity aroma with a citrus flavour. A great addition to a healthy lifestyle routine.

Weight: 100g

Mindful Ritual

1) While you’re waiting for your tea to brew, sit in a comfortable position and take 5 deep and slow breaths.

2) Pour your tea into your cup and focus your attention onto the steam rising into the air allowing yourself to become fully present.

3) Repeat your Mindful Ritual 3 times: “I feel invigorated and ready for whatever comes my way.

4) Enjoy your cup of tea with a sense of purpose and calm.


Oolong Tea, Green Yerba Mate, Lemon Pieces, White Tea, Blue Cornflowers, Sunflowers

Brewing Instructions

1 tsp per serving. Water temperature 90°C. Brew for 2-3 mins.


China, Brazil, Egypt

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